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Conference Dinner

Opened in 1999, it is the UK’s first Millennium Commission-funded project to open to the public. 

Dynamic Earth tells the story of planet Earth and how our Earth works, how life has evolved in its differing environments and the future challenges faced by planet Earth.

With interactive experiences including the Big Bang, volcano eruptions, the chance to touch an iceberg, see glaciers carve out continents, and find out what it feels like to travel billions of times faster than the speed of light in a spaceship, we thought it was the perfect setting for a Radar 2022 social event!

A unique attraction where visitors experience the lifetime of our planet.

Dinner schedule

18:30 Arrival and self-guided tour around Earthscapes galleries

19:15 Seat for dinner

19:30 Starter served

19:45 Addressing the Haggis

19:55 Dinner served

22:00 Close of dinner

The dinner offers networking opportunities, a self-guided tour of the Earthscapes galleries and entertainment.

How to find us


Dynamic Earth
Holyrood Road



Earthscapes Galleries

Come with us on a journey through space and time to witness the story of planet Earth through a series of interactive exhibits, state-of-the-art technology and a 4D adventure.

You will experience the ground shudder as molten lava flows straight towards your feet, dive deep into the ocean, feel the chill of polar ice, and fly across the globe before crash landing in a tropical rainforest.

We can't wait for you to join us for the journey!